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Winky Wright-Grady Brewer fight in Puerto Rico is off

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The scheduled December 11 pay-per-view bout from Puerto Rico featuring Winky Wright and ex-"Contender" winner Grady Brewer is off, says Rick Reeno.

Reeno reports that "the local promoter in Puerto Rico pulled the plug on the show over an issue having to do with necessary funds being available for the show to move forward."

This is not any great surprise. When Wright said he'd fight in Puerto Rico, the reaction was mostly, "Yeah, we know you will." When Wright-Brewer was announced, it was a waiting game for it to be changed, canceled, "postponed," or whatever else could possibly make it not happen on December 11 in Puerto Rico.

Wright is apparently searching for a new fight, but what's he going to find? Maybe someone on Brewer's level, but probably not even that good if he's trying to make a fight before the end of the year.

Wright, 38, last fought in June, getting routed by Paul Williams. It was his first fight since a July 2007 loss to Bernard Hopkins. His last win came on December 2, 2006, against Ike Quartey. So Wednesday marks the three-year anniversary of Winky Wright's last win.

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