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Quotes from the final Valuev-Haye press conference

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

David Haye:

"He hasn't fought anyone of my caliber; he's never fought anyone in their prime or someone so fired up," the challenger said. "I'm not one of these guys he's used to fighting. I'm not over-the-hill, I'm not tainted, I'm not past my sell-by-date. I am fresh, I am ready."

"Training has gone great and I am going to make him look silly on Saturday night. I am going to embarrass him, knock him out. He's never fought anyone as fast or who punches as hard as me, or as accurate. I know he feels I'm a little mouthy man from England, but he's gonna be in for a rude awakening when that bell goes."

"I don't care what I weigh. I haven't looked at the scales all through training camp. So long as I'm fit and sharp at the weight, I'm not bothered what the scales say. As far as bring my power up, I have no doubt I'll hit hard enough to knock out top heavyweights. I've never been in the ring with an opponent - amateur, sparring, or as a pro - who hasn't respected my punching power. I've floor top heavyweights, in the gym and in the ring, and none of them can ever believe how hard I punch for a smaller guy."

"It's never much fun getting hit by a man weighing 23 stone, so I'm not underestimating the power he generates. He must hit fairly hard. Technically, he does most things right. He's a well-schooled fighter that has improved over the years. Saying that, though, his last five fights have gone the distance, and I certainly don't think he's the fearsome and terrifying puncher he perhaps should be for a man of that size."

Nikolai Valuev:

"He can say what he wants. I have heard that from many opponents before. It is not going to happen. I will win."

Wilfried Sauerland (Valuev's manager):

"I don´t know where he takes it from. He is untested at heavyweight and got knocked down a lot of times in his career. Now he is facing a proven champion with 50 victories, so I really wonder why he is so optimistic."

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