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Angulo-Yorgey for interim title, Cintron upset

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Banner Promotions put out word today that Saturday night's fight between Harry Joe Yorgey and Alfredo Angulo will be for the WBO's interim 154-pound title, and Kermit Cintron isn't happy about it.

Hours after the word went wide about the Angulo-Yorgey fight being sanctioned for that belt, DiBella Entertainment sent out a press release highlighting Cintron's issues. He has some pretty valid points, not the least of which is (as you might guess) that he beat Angulo in May. That win supposedly put him in as the No. 1 ranked contender by the WBO.

"What sense does it make that I beat Angulo and now he gets to fight for the interim title, when I am the top contender? I have done nothing but bide my time waiting for Dzinziruk, and now I’m on the outside looking in."

His attorney and adviser, Josh Dubin, also commented on the matter.

"Boxing becomes problematic when fighters earn their stature outside, instead of inside the ring," he said. "Kermit earned his spot in the rankings by clearly defeating Alfredo Angulo in the ring. I am advising the WBO that we will take any appropriate action to ensure that Kermit Cintron is treated in accordance with his ranking. Two fighters below Kermit in the ratings have been elevated into greater financial opportunities and a better standing with the WBO. We will not tolerate Kermit being financially damaged by arbitrary and capricious decision making."

Whether or not they can actually get anything done is another matter entirely, but a big part of the problem with this situation lies with Dzinziruk and his current beef with promoter Universum. Dzinziruk says he'll never fight for the promoter again, although he appeared willing to reconcile were it to lead to a December 5 fight with Paul Williams. Since that's not happening, Dzinziruk is likely back to "standing his ground."

With the full title in Dzinziruk's hands and the WBO having made no decision about whether or not to strip him, the belt is essentially held hostage for the time being, no matter who you blame for that. Dzinziruk last defended on November 1, 2008, when he beat Joel Julio. He won the belt in 2005 from Daniel Santos and since then has made five defenses.

But if he's not going to be fighting any time soon, why bother letting him keep the belt? It doesn't really help anybody, even the WBO, who will get no sanctioning fees or anything from him. They will get some money on Saturday now, but I can't help but agree with Cintron that this is clearly the wrong fight for which to contest the interim title. Cintron earned his spot with a win over Angulo, who now gets first crack at bigger paydays. Honestly, that's wrong, and they know it's wrong, or at the very least they know it's not right.

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