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Multiple Choice Quiz - WBC Edition

Since the WBC Convention started, which of the following crazy actions has the WBC NOT taken?

  1. Suspended Cris Arreola for six months for swearing in a post-fight interview
  2. Resolved to ban fathers working as trainers in their son's corners
  3. Refused to sanction Berto-Mosley as a title bout unless Mosley apologizes for dropping the belt to fight Margarito
  4. Named Floyd Mayweather as champion emeritus, forcing Andre Berto to fight him next
  5. Said that the Humberto Gutierrez-Vitali Tajbert winner would become champion after Humberto Soto's next fight, if he moves to lightweight as expected.

On the bright side, they have made a few positive decisions:

  • They did make Andre Dirrell Carl Froch's mandatory, pending the outcome of the Super Six.  It's quite possible that they may meet again in the tournament anyway.
  • Oleg Maskaev and Ray Austin will fight an eliminator to be Vitali Klitschko's next mandatory.  While neither is particularly worthy, it's better than Maskaev automatically being the mandatory, which is what they had decided previously.
  • They have mandated that the Pascal-Diaconu winner and the Dawson-Johnson winner must fight next.  Johnson will face anyone, but if Dawson wins, I'd love to see Dawson-Pascal, even though I think it would be a blowout.
  • Sergio Martinez won't need to give up his 154 pound strap in order to fight Paul Williams at 160.

By the way, the correct answer to the question above is (4). 

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