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Mosley, Berto continue Twitter war

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


After Shane Mosley's interview with's Ramon Aranda hit the wire, the back-and-forth between Mosley and Andre Berto continued on their respective Twitter pages. Mosley said in the interview that they were getting the January 30 fight between the two welterweight titlists done from his side, and that it was done from Berto's side. So that fight looks like a go with all but an official announcement yet to come.

Berto said on his Twitter page that his contract was finalized and signed before he headed out to South Korea for the WBC convention. Berto then attempted some humor (all of this is [sic]):

"Lol lol its just funny to me how @shane_mosley got so tough overnight do you'll peep that. He's talkin crazy to me he runs up on floyd lol"

"But I know what it is though I've done alittle reaserch on steriods and it says the drug makes u have crazy mood swings and feel bigger than U really are..... Man Steriods is a hell of a drug!!!! @Shane_Mosley we can help u but the first step is to admit u have a problem.."

You know? Like that show?

Here's what Mosley said on his Twitter page:

"I'm glad he signed the contract tho, so now I going to display what I started with Margarito. I'm dishin ass whupping's in 2010!"

"I don't care who it is! The true welterweight king has spoken!"

This is the damned future of trash talk. Or maybe it's just the fleeting present. I sort of hope for the latter. But my hatred of Twitter aside, I'm 100% happy that this fight looks like it's a go. It's a great fight for Shane, and it's a great fight for Andre. I also see it being a hell of a good fight. Mosley thrives when fighters bring pressure to him, and Berto likes to throw his hands. We'll see where Shane's speed is at at his age (Margarito was always going to look slow against him, even if the fight had played out like most figured it would at the time) and we'll see how Berto takes good punches from someone who's a stronger puncher than Luis Collazo, by far the best fighter he's faced thus far and his only gut-check fight to this point, too.

Can't wait for the fight. It's awesome on paper.

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