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Alfredo Angulo destroys Harry Joe Yorgey in three

Alfredo Angulo got right back on the map with a dominant knockout victory over Harry Joe Yorgey. (Photo via <a href=""></a>)
Alfredo Angulo got right back on the map with a dominant knockout victory over Harry Joe Yorgey. (Photo via
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On the first fight of tonight's HBO World Championship Boxing double-header, Mexican brawler Alfredo Angulo utterly destroyed tough Harry Joe Yorgey, knocking him out in the third round.

The first part of the opening round was ruled by Yorgey (22-1-1, 10 KO), but Angulo began to push him around in the second half. The second was a slaughter job, with Yorgey going down once, stumbling around the ring, and probably needing to be called down a second round.

Angulo (17-1, 14 KO) took the initiative in the third again. Yorgey stumbled around the ring some more, and once he was stuck in the corner again, Angulo found him with a monstrous left hook during a blizzard of punches, knocking him out stiff. On the way down, Yorgey was hit with another right hand.

It was a great performance by Angulo, who was simply in a different league than Yorgey. Yorgey's a tough guy, but just not a top-shelf fighter. He was totally overpowered by the stronger, more skilled Angulo. He hit Angulo and didn't even barely dent him. Angulo hit Yorgey and blew him up.

Referee Johnny Callas should have stopped this fight much sooner than he did, and when he didn't, the responsibility fell to the corner, and the corner didn't protect him. Yorgey didn't have to be knocked out that way. After some quick medical attention, Yorgey appeared as OK as you could expect, which is good news. But the referee did not protect the fight, and that matters.

Angulo now holds the interim WBO title, which might get him a bigger fight in his next outing. He's probably as good as he's going to get at 27. He'll always be a bit slow, but when he gets in his groove, he is a machine.

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