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Klitschko and Johnson look good on the scales

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Vitali Klitschko and Kevin Johnson size one another up at the weigh-in. They fight tomorrow in Switzerland. (Photo via <a href="" target="new">Star Boxing</a>)
Vitali Klitschko and Kevin Johnson size one another up at the weigh-in. They fight tomorrow in Switzerland. (Photo via Star Boxing)
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Vitali Klitschko and Kevin Johnson meet tomorrow in Switzerland, and nobody will be accused of being out of shape in that fight.

Klitschko came in at just under 247 pounds, five pounds below his weight for Cristobal Arreola in September, and matching his lowest weigh-in since his 2008 return to the ring. Johnson weighed in at 242 1/2 pounds, right around his usual fighting weight, and four pounds less than his career-high weigh-in in May against Devin Vargas.

Klitschko's trainer Fitz Sdunek says Vitali is in "top form":

Sdunek is adamant the 38-year-old, who reclaimed his belt in October 2008 following a four-year injury break, is "physically and mentally in top form" for the clash.

"If Kevin Johnson does what he promises, at least the fight will go the full 12 rounds," said Sdunek.

Meanwhile, David Haye is slagging the fight as a mismatch and not worth watching:

"It's one of the weaker heavyweight fights of recent times. It's unlikely that I'll even watch it," Haye told The Daily Telegraph.

"On paper, it's an absolute mismatch. There is nothing special about Kevin Johnson and nothing on his record that suggests he's going to threaten Vitali. The guy doesn't even have a unique name."

Overall, hard to say he's wrong. Johnson's best wins are guys not even close to Klitschko's level, and while you can argue Haye didn't have to work too hard in the division to get his heavyweight title shot, that ignores that Haye already had a name and had conquered the cruiserweight division.

As I said in the preview, it probably isn't a competitive fight. My favorite thing about it is that it shows how eager Vitali Klitschko is to defend his title, and how willing he is to take on younger guys who are hungry, instead of the WBC's picks, guys like Juan Carlos Gomez who fight as if they're just excited they'll be getting that paycheck and do their best to avoid getting smashed.

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