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Vitali Klitschko has "preliminary" deal with David Haye

Though the Klitschkos and David Haye had a lot of back-and-forth that led to no action this year, and eventually had both Vitali and Wladimir saying they wouldn't bother with Haye, money's going to talk. Haye will get his crack at at least Vitali, it appears.

"In the near future I plan to fight Haye and take the title," Ukrainian daily Fakty quoted Klitschko as saying. "The preliminary agreement has already been reached."

Haye will still have to make his mandatory defense against John Ruiz if he wants to keep his WBA title, and it seems like he does indeed. Chances are Haye and Vitali will meet in the summer or fall, after both fight (and should they win) in the spring.

But it could be dangerous for Haye to overlook Ruiz, a steady, strong guy and a legit heavyweight, if he knows there's a big money fight with Vitali on the way. I already give Ruiz more chance than most are, and if Haye starts focusing on Vitali while preparing for Ruiz, he could get himself in trouble. Ruiz is no pushover.

It is good to hear that we're looking set for a Vitali-Haye fight, though. I said before that Haye against a Klitschko is about the last fight I actively want to see in the division, and I meant it. I'm almost certain I know how every other Klitschko fight goes, but Haye has the potential at least to mix something up.

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