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SPOILERS: Danny Green-Roy Jones Jr.

Greenvjones_lrg_medium_medium The Danny Green-Roy Jones Jr. fight in Australia took place live at about 3am ET this morning, and since a lot of people just love them some spoilers, you can talk about the fight IN THIS THREAD ONLY.

So again:

  1. Spoilers are OK in this thread. Talk about the fight if you want to. IN THIS THREAD. This thread only.
  2. If you give even a remote spoiler in any other thread at this point, you're banned, banned, banned, banned, banned.

And also please note, THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR THE GREEN-JONES FIGHT IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST. Don't go in there if you don't want to be spoiled. The fight airs at 8pm ET tonight on Versus in the States. We'll still have the usual coverage.

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