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Rankings Update: Lightweight adds a name

Divisions Affected: Lightweight, Junior Lightweight, Junior Featherweight, Junior Flyweight, Strawweight

Lightweight: Humberto Soto moves into the lightweight rankings after his debut in the division (actually a bit north, at 137 pounds) last night, a dominant win over the shot Jesus Chavez. Beating Chavez is no big deal anymore, but Soto is a really good fighter and is an immediate danger in the division. He comes in at No. 6 here, and Paulus Moses (10) falls out.

Junior Lightweight: With Soto out, Robert Guerrero moves into the No. 1 spot. Humberto Gutierrez comes back at No. 10. This is a really shallow division. Hard to imagine this is the same class that had Pacquiao, Marquez, Barrera, Morales, Soto, Guzman and others just a couple of years ago.

Junior Featherweight: Shoji Kimura (6) is out after a split decision loss to Masaaki Serie. Ricardo Cordoba comes in at eight. He's won twice since losing to Bernard Dunne, though neither guy he's beaten has been much to go crazy about. Pretty soon, it's going to be another "remember when?" division like 130. The top two seem set to bolt and it thins out considerably after that.

Junior Flyweight: Johnriel Casimero comes in at nine after beating Cesar Canchila (7). Canchila is out of the top ten.

Strawweight: Milan Melindo is officially out of the division, and will be fighting for a flyweight trinket (though the catchweight is at 110). Juan Palacios is in at No. 10.


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