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Sergio Martinez wants Vanes Martirosyan

Vanes Martirosyan has engaged in a trash talk war with Sergio Martinez already.
Vanes Martirosyan has engaged in a trash talk war with Sergio Martinez already.

After already engaging in a pretty rousing war of words earlier this year, it appears as though the chances of seeing Sergio Martinez and Vanes Martirosyan in the ring together is going up. Rick Reeno reports that Martinez (holder of the WBC junior middleweight title) wants to fight the undefeated young Armenian in 2010.

While the WBC has all but guaranteed Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. a title shot, that might not be too plausible. For one thing, Top Rank is taking less than baby steps with JCC Jr., not apparently willing to risk him yet in a fight that he even might lose. The fight with Troy Rowland on November 14 was not just a step back in competition from the likes of Matt Vanda and Luciano Cuello (who aren't great shakes, either), but demonstrably solo. Rowland had absolutely no business on a card that size and everyone found out why.

So can you envision them throwing Chavez at Martinez, who just had a breakout year even though he went 0-1-1 officially? Everyone and their dog saw him beat Kermit Cintron twice in one night only to get robbed with a draw, and then he took Paul Williams to the limit in a Fight of the Year contender a couple weeks ago. To put it simply, Chavez would get destroyed by Martinez, and then a small part of his drawing power (his undefeated record) is blown out of the water. And depending on how bad Martinez made him look, the important part (his name) could be rendered useless, too.

Martirosyan is better than Chavez, more seasoned (a far more accomplished amateur), more skilled. Just a better fighter. He's already a higher-regarded contender, and he's in dire need of a step up the ladder himself. Martinez might be a leap more than a step, but Martirosyan is probably as ready as he's going to get, too. Martirosyan (26-0, 17 KO) himself took a step back in competition by wasting Willie Lee this past Saturday in Youngstown. He and trainer Freddie Roach are apparently ready for a title shot, and Martinez is ready to give it to them.

If it happens, good. Vanes is still just 23 but is a talented and confident young contender itching to shed the prospect tag. Martinez is seemingly willing to fight King Kong if asked. It's a nice matchup.

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