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Mayweather-Pacquiao Update: Nevada orders drug tests

Martin Rogers of Yahoo! Sports reports that the latest development has come in the ongoing Mayweather-Pacquiao drama. The Nevada Athletic Commission has ordered immediate drug tests for both Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

The testing will be urine only, no blood, and has come about because as both fighters are licensed to box in Nevada, they are subject to random testing. The publicizing of this move and the fact that it's not quite random if everyone knows it's coming seems a bit strange overall, and I'm not sure I get what the point is.

[NAC chairman Pat] Lundvall insisted that differing medical opinion and information on the efficacy of various testing systems, made it difficult to ascertain which was the optimum program to use. However, she claimed she was confident the method employed by NAC was effective in catching cheats.

Truthfully, if we're not going to avoid reality or be all wishy-washy, the tests that Mayweather's camp wants are the optimum program to use, and there's absolutely no question about that whatsoever. By comparison, the tests Nevada uses are probably garbage -- not that they're totally ineffective or useless or anything, but they're not even close to the gold standard of drug testing.

Executive director Keith Kizer has been given the task of informing Mayweather and Pacquiao of this ruling. Mayweather will be tested in Las Vegas, while the NAC will pick a suitable lab in the Philippines for Pacquiao.

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