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Mandatory Eight Count: Khan-Salita Edition

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Khan inside the weight, Salita on point (Sky Sports)
Dmitriy Salita had to strip down to make 140 pounds, and word is Salita had to run in the morning to get down and make the weight. Khan said, "It's a big chance for him but I can see fear in his eyes. He looked very drained with the weight and I think that will be to my advantage." Like Roach stablemate Manny Pacquiao, Khan is now having his fitness overseen by Alex Ariza, and Khan was comfortably on weight.

Khan humble like Pacquiao: Khan v Salita not Jew v Muslim, says Brit (Telegraph)
Telegraph's Gareth A. Davies compares Khan to Pacquiao (oh my!) and Khan speaks about the religious angle of the fight's promotion.

‘Kosher Kid’ ready to go faith to faith with Amir Khan (This Is London)
See? Not about faith at all.

Faith takes front-row seat in Khan vs. Salita fight (CNN)
See? Not about faith at all.

Amir Khan ready for title defence against Salita (BBC Sport)
"But now I've hit world-class level, I want to beat these people. Not just beat them, I want to knock them out and I want to put a stamp there to say, 'look guys, Amir Khan is here and you better be careful what you say because I'm the world champion and I'm going to back it up by fighting and making a statement'," he remarked after beating one ranked fighter and never once going for the knockout in that fight.

Dmitriy Salita is latest in line of Jewish warriors of the ring (Guardian)
Dmitriy Salita is the massive underdog tomorrow, but Salita over Khan wouldn't exactly be the craziest thing we've ever seen.

Hitman not ruling out Khan (Sky Sports)
Ricky Hatton isn't against the idea of fighting countryman Amir Khan next year. This would be a massive fight in the UK were it to come about.

Breidis Prescott and Kevin Mitchell eye Amir Khan fight after Newcastle showdown (Telegraph)
The main undercard bout is perhaps the night's most intriguing, as Kevin Mitchell takes on Breidis Prescott. Many assume Prescott will win, but he has done nothing of note since beating Khan, and really did nothing of real note before then either. I've got Mitchell winning without a ton of trouble, but then if Prescott does land the big shots...

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