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Updating: Antonio Margarito's hearing has begun

The CSAC hearing with Antonio Margarito and Javier Capetillo has begun, and the California state attorney general said that the fighter should receive "the harshest penalty possible," which would be a license revocation for at least one year.

UPDATE from the L.A. Times:

Inspector Che Guevara testified in three years and 150 hand wraps he had never seen such a pad.

"It was sweat-soaked, thinner and harder in certain areas, not hard as a rock, but firm and hard," Guevara said, adding it had a stain "like old blood" on it. "It was not flexible. It was very firm."

The harder pad was first discovered, Guevara said, by Mosley's trainer Nazim Richardson, who oversaw the wrapping. Margarito's taped right hand was then unwrapped, where another harder insert was found. State commmissioners felt the insert in a plastic bag Tuesday.

The other insert is in the hands of the state attorney general's office. The "foreign substance" on the insert has yet to be identified, and won't be known until mid-March, a state official told the California State Athletic Commission at its disciplinary hearing for Margarito and his trainer Javier Capetillo.


Dan Rafael is on ESPNews right now talking about the hearing. "The way they were going to portray it is that Margarito had no idea what was happening..."

Rafael says, "They're basically just taking Capetillo and throwing him under the bus."

He also says that the commission itself will have to explain why they didn't catch it before Naazim Richardson did, and that the hearing may go longer than just today. I think that's likely.

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