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Steward thinks Margarito punishment is "too severe" for the fighter


via, photo taken sometime in the mid-1990s

Hall of Fame trainer Emanuel Steward has joined the overwhelming minority of people in and around boxing that feel Antonio Margarito's "one-year" suspension by the CalifornIa State Athletic Commission was too much.

"Sometimes, I know the fighters really don't know what you're putting on their hands," he said.

Why don't they? What fighters don't know that cheatin' is afoot if cheatin' is, in fact, afoot? What fighter is having his wraps doctored against his will? And how stupid are we supposed to be to buy the idea that Javier Capetillo took it upon himself to load up Margarito's wraps and not inform the fighter or ask his opinion on a criminal offense?

Is Javier Capetillo some sort of criminal mastermind, while Margarito simply the village idiot, a pawn in Capetillo's wicked game?

Give me a break.

In other Manny Steward news, his best fighter, Wladimir Klitschko, is going to fight David Haye in June, it appears. This has been the rumor for a while (June 20 at London's O2 Arena), but it sounds like it's all but wrapped up.

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