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Margarito-Baldomir a possibility


According to Bob Arum, Antonio Margarito's "comeback" fight in Tijuana could be against former welterweight champion Carlos Baldomir, who has done little of note since his 2006 blowout loss to Floyd Mayweather:

Arum said in the meantime he would pursue opportunities across the border in Mexico, noting there was already interest from Margarito's hometown of Tijuana.

"We're pursuing that," Arum said, aiming for a June or July bout and mentioning WBC 10th-ranked contender Carlos Baldomir of Argentina as a possible opponent. "They want him to fight in Mexico."

Margarito-Baldomir might be an interesting fight if you're the sort that loves a disgraced star taking on a washed-up one-hit wonder. Both of them do have phenomenal chins, although Baldomir (44-12-6, 13 KO) can't punch a lick.

Since beating Zab Judah in the Cinderella Man shocker of 2006, Baldomir is 2-3. He annihilated Arturo Gatti in what should have been Gatti's final fight, then was waxed by both Mayweather and Vernon Forrest. He did get a majority decision win over nobody Luciano Perez, but lost his last fight to Jackson Bonsu by majority decision in Belgium. That fight was Baldomir's return to welterweight after two fights at junior middleweight that didn't go so hot. The Bonsu fight by all accounts was quite close.

Baldomir may still be top 20 or so in the division, but the fight is not major, and he presents no danger to Margarito whatsoever.

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