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Five Words: Chad Dawson's Shorts. Your Face.

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11a8_1_medium Apparently, the recession is hitting really hard, and that means it's a great time to break out your platinum card and win the eBay auction for advertisement space on Chad Dawson's shorts.

Starting bid is a mere $20,000.

The effects of the recession have taken a hit on the boxing world even for boxing icon and undisputed Light Heavyweight World Champion, ‘Bad Chad’ Dawson. Logo space on Dawson’s shorts is up for auction for his next fight. Dawson, will face Antonio Tarver for the second time on March 14th, 2009 at the Palms in Las Vegas to defend his title.

In this financial crisis, even premium ad placements face challenges.  Dawson’s well known agent, manager and national marketing guru, Jay "Belly" Henderson, is combating the recession by auctioning off the logo space right here on EBay. Bidding will start at $20,000, a great value in today’s marketing environment.  Winners can advertise their business using the highly visibile and valuable space on Dawson's boxing shorts.

I'll admit I'm kinda psyched to see if something totally ludicrous will make it on there. Maybe Floyd will put an ad for Philthy Rich Records on Dawson's jock.

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