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Campbell doesn't make weight for Funeka bout

UPDATE: Campbell has officially failed to make weight for the fight, losing just a half pound in the two hour window he was allotted to drop the three pounds. When he fights Ali Funeka tomorrow night, the titles will be on the line for Funeka only. Should Campbell win, the titles will be immediately declared vacant. The fight will go ahead, however.


Nate Campbell came in three pounds overweight at 138 pounds for his Saturday lightweight title defense against Ali Funeka (133.5 pounds) and has about two hours to shed the weight or they'll have to start haggling.

Even if Nate can work off three pounds in that timeframe (and I doubt it), I'm sorry, but this is the straw that breaks the camel's back for this card. I went over all the sidesteps and screw-ups that have plagued that star-crossed mess from the beginning, and I still thought we'd have a great card, and I still think we can, but consider my excitement level greatly dipped at this point. Every single fight on this card has been a fustercluck in preparation.

If Campbell and Funeka can reach a deal should Campbell not make weight, the titles could become vacant or be up for grabs for Funeka only tomorrow night. Chances are the fight will still go through -- it's the main event, there's no suitable fight to bump up (sorry, other fighters), and Nate's the "hometown" guy in Florida. It's kind of on him to save people from asking for a refund tomorrow night.

The irony, you might be thinking to yourself, is that last September it was Campbell forced to file bankruptcy when scheduled opponent Joan Guzman couldn't make weight and their fight was scrapped.

As much as I like Nate Campbell, not making weight is unprofessional. And I know it's a horrible grind to make it to your limit, but fighters do it all the time. You can't just excuse it because Nate's a nice guy.

Other weights:

Sergio Martinez (153 1/4) and Kermit Cintron (154 1/2, Cintron then made 154 pounds)

Alfredo Angulo (153 1/2) and Cosme Rivera (151 1/2)


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