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Bad Left Hook Fight Night Prediction Standings


Since there's pretty much no reason to not do this and be more interactive, I've decided to start running an ongoing fight prediction standings, mostly so everyone that stops by can see how dumb I am, and I'm a person who will readily admit to being wrong about a fight. Mostly because I don't care that I'm wrong about fights. I just like watching the fights.

Anyway, I counted everyone who put in specific stuff on the predictions thread last weekend, so if you want to get in here starting this weekend, that's what it'll take. Something like "Pavlik TKO-8" (KO and TKO are the same for the purposes of this game) or "Duddy by split decision" or whatever.

"Wins": All you have to do is get the winner right.

"Losses": You got the winner wrong.

"Knockouts": Knockouts are granted when you get a fight exactly right, like if you had picked Campbell by majority decision or Angulo to stop Rivera in the fifth. I'm going to count majority and split decisions as the same thing for this, too. No one picks "majority decision."

"Draws": Draws come when fights are declared draws, period. No one picks a draw. And personally I feel robbed since I picked Martinez by unanimous decision over Cintron.

Name W L D KO
jrok 2 0 1 0
Matt Miller 2 0 1 0
JasonTryp 2 0 1 0
BabyBull1289 1 1 1 1
lcollins1 1 1 1 0
SC 1 1 1 0
TXroyal 1 1 1 0
Zocalo 1 1 1 0

Knockout: BabyBull1289 correctly picked Angulo to stop Cosme Rivera in the fifth round. Had someone rightly stepped in in the fourth or after the fourth round, lcollins1 and jrok both would've had a KO instead. Bull even got the fight itself exactly right: "Just a tough spot for Cosme moving up to 154 on ultra short notice. I do think he will have a moment or two in the early going but Angulo will wear him down sooner than later." Couldn't have called it better.

Things That Should Have Been: Do any of us actually disagree that Martinez deserved a clear, wide and unanimous decision victory? Blame referee Frank Santore, sort of, for taking a point from Martinez in the 12th round, which would've given Martinez a UD win (116-110, 114-113, 114-113) instead of the majority draw that we wound up with. But then you can blame the judges for somehow seeing Cintron winning more than a few rounds at best. Martinez was warned for hitting behind the head before the point was taken, contrary to some volcanic eruptions about the point being taken.

People Who Picked Cintron and Lucked Out: JasonTryp, TXroyal, jrok and lcollins1.

Where We Lost: Many of us picked Funeka to take the titles from Campbell, and as hard as he fought, Nate clearly won the tough fight. No complaints. You could say, "Oh well, he was overweight," but they were the same weight on the unofficial HBO scales and Nate gassed anyway. Nate had no advantage in there. He just won. Only jrok, JasonTryp and Matt got the Campbell win.

Next Counted Card: The Pavlik and Cotto PPV this Saturday, followed by Marquez-Diaz and John-Juarez on February 28.

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