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Morales says Mexican boxing needs new heroes

Moralespacquiao_1_031905_medium Erik Morales, gossip king of semi-retired boxers, still says he's planning a comeback, and also thinks that Mexican boxing in general needs new idols.

The 32-year old Morales has not fought since his 2007 loss to David Diaz, but plans to return to the ring as a lightweight in his mission to become the first Mexican-born fighter to win a world title in four weight divisions. Of course if Khan-Barrera on March 14 is sanctioned for the WBO lightweight title and Barrera wins, then he won't be able to do that, but hey.

Morales also still wants to fight Juan Manuel Marquez, who is the only Mexican fighter he gave praise to in this quotable:

"We’re in a transition where the last generation is on the way out and the new one is on the way in. Unfortunately, we are some years away from knowing who is going to take the reins of Mexican boxing. We thought it was Antonio Margarito, but was not more than a fight and adios. Jorge Arce hasn’t demonstrated to be more than a mediocre fighter. Really we do not have many figures who have maintained at the top. One is, in spite of his age, Juan Manuel Marquez."

He is right, though -- I can't remember the last time I had so few Mexican fighters (four at the moment) in my personal P4P top 20, and two of those guys (Israel Vazquez and Rafael Marquez) are in danger of falling out due to inactivity or wear-and-tear. Ulises Solis is my fourth, and he's a 108-pound fighter hardly headed for great stardom. There are plenty of good Mexican fighters (Humberto Soto, Jorge Solis, Fernando Montiel, Cristian Mijares, etc.) but none that appear to be headed for major stardom or Hall of Fame careers.

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