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Steve Cunningham: Still boxing's nicest man

Stevecunningham100_medium Steve Cunningham had this to say about the upcoming world cruiserweight championship bout on February 27 between Tomasz Adamek and Johnathon Banks:

"I'm looking forward to watching this. It should be a good fight.  Their styles call for action. Johnathon seems like he can crack. He can take them as well as throw them. And Adamek is tough, he's a good, solid fighter.

"The fight could go either way. I know I want the winner of the fight! I'll be rooting for Tomasz. Yeah, I'd want to fight Johnathon if he wins. But, you know, I really want the rematch, I want my title back and I want to take it back from Tomasz.

"I believe I am the best cruiserweight in the world. I know the fans saw that in my last fight. I don't consider that a loss. I feel like I won the fight, but lost the decision. My new motto is Two Time in '09. So I am looking forward to the 27th, just as much as they are.”

Cunningham has a fight coming up with Wayne "Big Truck" Brathwaite with a date to be announced. I don't like to "root" usually, but USS Cunningham and Adamek need to get it on again, so I'm hoping they both win their upcoming bouts and clash in a rematch later this year. That's the cruiserweight fight everyone wants to see as far as I can tell, not that Adamek-Banks and Cunningham-Brathwaite aren't pretty good, too.

Photo credit Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro.

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