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Oscar Diaz finally gets to go home

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You probably recall the horrifying scene from the July 16, 2008, edition of ESPN2's Wednesday Night Fights when welterweight Oscar Diaz grunted and collapsed before the start of the 11th round against Delvin Rodriguez. Diaz was rushed to the hospital, underwent surgery, and was in a coma until waking in September.

Now, the 26-year old Diaz gets to go home.

Seven months after that terrifying night in Texas, Diaz has been released from the hospital and is beginning to work on his rehabilitation:

Dr. David Jimenez, the boxer's chief neurosurgeon, told the San Antonio Express-News that Diaz entered a local rehabilitation facility. He said Diaz can sit up in a chair, respond to commands and smiles when someone tells a joke.

The doctor said he was optimistic that Diaz would be able to walk and talk again.

It's wonderful news for Diaz and his loved ones, and we at Bad Left Hook couldn't be happier to hear that Oscar will recover. Hey may never box again, but he'll always be a fighter.

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