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Bad Left Hook Fight Night Prediction Standings, Week 2


Here we go, gang, updated standings for the ongoing, relatively pointless but good-timin' Bad Left Hook prediction standings. The Campbell-Funeka tripleheader on February 14 kicked us off with eight participants, and the Pavlik and Cotto pay-per-view on February 21 kind of upped the participation a bit. Big thanks to everyone that put in picks. HEY! Go to this week's picks thread above this post and participate again! Or do it for the first time! There's no better time than now, sucker.

"Wins": All you have to do is get the winner right.

"Losses": You got the winner wrong.

"Knockouts": Knockouts are granted when you get a fight exactly right, like if you had picked Duddy by unanimous decision or Cotto by fifth round TKO/KO/RTD.

"Draws": Draws come when fights are declared draws, period, unless you picked a draw. Then you'd get a knockout.

Name W L D KO
jrok 5 0 1 1
Matt Miller 5 0 1 1
JasonTryp 5 0 1 1
lcollins1 4 1 1 2
Zocalo 4 1 1 2
BabyBull1289 4 1 1 1
schraubd 3 0 0 3
BrianBrock 3 0 0 1
sdsuaztec4 3 0 0 1
Pops Daniels 3 0 0 1
Upstait 3 0 0 1
DRose87 3 0 0 1
battle axe of doom 3 0 0 1
Option27 3 0 0 1
sigidy 3 0 0 1
strike4A 3 0 0 1
3zilla 3 0 0 1
LemmeFindOut 3 0 0 1
bp 3 0 0 0
keyz 3 0 0 0
BLee2525 3 0 0 0
SC 3 2 1 1
TXroyal 3 2 1 1
Brickhaus 2 1 0 0
cylee1180 1 0 0 0

Let's Start With Me Being Dumb: Hey, I always say I'll never have an ego about bum fight picks. Fight picks are fight picks, sometimes I like to go big or go home. I went big on Matt Vanda, and John Duddy's jab took it home. Not only did I pick Vanda, I picked him to stop Duddy in nine. One other brave soul picked Vanda, which was TXroyal (split decision pick). Brickhaus went even bigger, calling a no-contest via headbutt. He went for the real balls-out pick. TXroyal reached a little. Duddy and trainer Pat Burns' new gameplan just made me look stupid.

Knockout King: schraubd went 3-0-0 on the card, which a lot of folks did. Not the hardest card in the world to call. But he also called every single fight exactly right: Pavlik stopping Rubio in nine, Cotto finishing Jennings in five, and Duddy by unanimous decision. All hail schraubd!

And Still Undefeated...: Only jrok, Matt Miller and JasonTryp remain without a loss as far as folks who have picked in both of our first two cards. jrok and JasonTryp were gifted draws when Cintron drew Sergio Martinez, though. Matt, on the other hand, was robbed in that fight.

Correct Pavlik "KO" Calls: sdsuaztec4, schraubd, Pops Daniels, Upstait

Correct Cotto "KO" Calls: SC, lcollins1, TXroyal, schraubd, Zocalo, 3zilla

Correct Duddy "KO" Calls: BrianBrock, lcollins1, schraubd, Zocalo, Matt Miller, DRose87, JasonTryp, battle axe of doom, jrok, Option27, sigidy, strike4A, LemmeFindOut

And we'll do it all again pretty much every week for the foreseeable future. Hey, we've got two cards this weekend worth some picks. Again, do not post picks for this weekend's fights in this thread. There's a new thread just above this one where you should put those picks so I'll remember to count them. Thanks, and good pickin'!

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