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Barrios talks ridiculous trash to Valero at presser

Image_php_medium Argentinian trash talker Jorge Barrios was up to his old tricks at the presser for Golden Boy's April 4th Lightweight Lightning pay-per-view.

His target was not his upcoming opponent (Carlos Hernandez) but rather Venezuelan puncher Edwin Valero:

"Valero is a long-haired prostitute and a communist. After I finish with 'Famoso,' I will beat the s*** out of Valero. Then I will cut his hair and make him into a man."

Tell us how you really feel, Jorge.

Barrios is a notorious trash talker and, like Ricardo Mayorga and many others of that ilk, always tries to make his press conferences into something as exciting as his fights usually are. Both are flawed fighters with tons of heart, and probably don't get enough credit for their warrior-ness inside the ring because they can be such clowns outside of it.

The official venue for the Lightweight Lightning PPV is the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, TX, by the way. The earliest reports had it in San Antonio.

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