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Froch-Taylor still possible reported recently that talks aren't as dead as they appeared to be in regard to a WBC super middleweight title fight between Carl Froch and Jermain Taylor. Froch promoter Mick Hennessy said the fight is closer than it's ever been:

This would mean that Allan Green, who has already agreed to fight Taylor on March 28, would have to step aside, and Green has already started his camp for the fight. Usually I'd say that sucks for the guy who could possibly have to get out of the way, even if the other fight is bigger and (much) better, but Allan Green has peed in his own Cheerios so many times that I can't pity him if he gets sent down to the undercard. There was talk of him fighting Andre Ward -- who faces Henry "Sugar Poo" Buchanan on Shobox tomorrow night -- but Showtime says there's no budget for Green-Ward on that show.

Froch-Taylor would be a great fight to set up the winner facing Mikkel Kessler. That whole scenario is unlikely, as I still don't actually expect Froch-Taylor to come off and we'll be stuck with JT outclassing Green instead, and even if it does happen, I doubt the winner really fights Kessler, who has his own promoter drama going on in Denmark with the Palles. But it's fun to dream. Imagine, if you will, boxing operating like other sports.

Here's hoping Froch-Taylor does get done, because it's a really good fight and beats the hell out of Taylor-Green, which I don't think anyone actually actively wants to see.

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