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Roach: If guilty, Margarito and Capetillo should be banned for life

Captb7641e8f7a184858a7dwo8_medium The new Brian Kenny Show on ESPN Radio had Freddie Roach on recently, and part of the famed trainer's segment discussed the ongoing wraps controversy swirling around Antonio Margarito and his trainer Javier Capetillo. The bit was played during a studio segment on Friday Night Fights.

The veteran trainer and former pro fighter recalled an incident prior to the first fight between his charge, Manny Pacquiao, and Marco Antonio Barrera in 2003 where a similar instance occured. There was also talk about Barrera's wraps prior to the second fight between the two in 2007.

Roach went on to cite the infamous Collins-Resto case and said that if the California State Athletic Commission comes back with a "guilty" charge against Margarito and/or Capetillo, that both men should be banned from boxing for life, and maybe even more than that. Luis Resto and trainer Panama Lewis each served two and a half years in prison after the jury came back from the Collins bludgeoning case.

This is nothing we haven't talked about already, but does serve sort of as a reminder that even though this is a couple weeks old and the boxing world keeps spinning with big fights happening and more to come, this is far from over. The official hearing is scheduled for February 10, with Capetillo and Margarito both present.

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