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Barrera wants Pacquiao and Marquez again

A_barrera_marco_antonio_vt_medium Though he's got a fight to worry about on March 14 with Amir Khan and a potentially messy rumor scandal regarding his January 31 bout in Guadalajara, Mexican legend Marco Antonio Barrera is already talking about future rematches with Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez.

Barrera was twice dominated by Pacquiao, who obliterated him in 2003 in the first truly huge win of his career, and later routed him in their 2007 rematch, which at the time was to be Barrera's last big fight. Of course, it never quite works out that way in boxing.

Marquez beat Barrera in a hotly contested fight in March 2007, in what stands right now as the last great performance of Barrera's storied career.

The GMA News link doesn't contain any great revelations; Barrera simply noted that he'd like to fight Pacquiao and Marquez again. Why wouldn't he? Both are more money than Khan or Sammy Ventura. Most humorous is that the story notes Barrera's shape for the Rojas fraud on January 31, pointing out the "fat visible" in his stomatch and his slow, inaccurate punching.

Chances are Barrera -- if he didn't go into a defensive shell like he did for much of the Pacquiao rematch -- would get creamed by either fighter at this point. Khan will be the first test that he's faced since his November 2008 comeback, and at that point, we'll see where he's at. Then it'll be fair to really assess his future prospects, if there are any.

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