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As expected, HBO secures deal for Hatton-Pacquiao

Hbo_medium Dan Rafael mentioned in his second chat of the week on Saturday night that HBO has in fact nailed down the rights to air and distribute Hatton-Pacquiao on pay-per-view.

You may recall that there was some hemming and hawing about Top Rank and Golden Boy shopping the PPV to Showtime because of their connection to CBS, but I don't think any of us really took it seriously. HBO is the name in boxing, especially for events of this magnitude. Frankly having Gus Johnson and Al Bernstein call Hatton-Pacquiao might have been interesting, but at this point would've felt sort of wrong. On American TV, Lampley and Merchant and Steward (I suppose) are the voices of Pacquiao and Hatton fights these days. Lampley is the voice of the Big Fight. And this is a Big Fight.

It was likely never really up in the air at all.


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