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Bad Left Hook Fight Night Prediction Standings, Week 3

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.



Your updated Bad Left Hook Fight Night Prediction Standings. Thanks for playing, and never fear, we'll have three fights to pick this weekend with Boxing After Dark.

"Wins": All you have to do is get the winner right.

"Losses": You got the winner wrong.

"Knockouts": Knockouts are granted when you get a fight exactly right, like if you had picked Adamek by TKO/KO-8 or a draw for John-Juarez.

"Draws": Draws come when fights are declared draws, period, unless you picked a draw. Then you'd get a knockout.

Name W L D KO
jrok 8 0 2 1
Matt Miller 8 0 2 1
Zocalo 7 1 2 2
BabyBull1289 7 1 2 1
schraubd 6 0 1 3
3zilla 6 0 1 2
BrianBrock 6 0 1 2
JasonTryp 6 0 2 1
DRose87 6 0 1 1
keyz 6 0 1 1
Option27 6 0 1 1
sigidy 6 0 1 1
strike4A 6 0 1 1
bp 6 0 1 0
lcollins1 6 2 2 2
TXroyal 6 2 2 2
SC 6 2 2 1
battle axe of doom 5 1 1 2
Pops Daniels 5 1 1 1
Upstait 5 1 1 1
Brickhaus 4 2 1 0
boxingstudent 3 0 1 0
Chaos100 3 0 1 0
LemmeFindOut 3 0 0 1
sdsuaztec4 3 1 1 1
BLee2525 3 1 1 0
cylee1180 1 0 0 0

Messed With Baby Bull, Got Baby Horns: Only a few of you were brave enough to pick Juan Diaz for the upset win, which by the way was another one of Dan Rafael's "just got a feeling" calls in his chat this week. Another: Jones over Calzaghe. Those who were burned by the Diaz pick were battle axe of doom, sdsuaztec4, and BLee2525. The latter two competitors put their picks in last minute.

Dionisio, You Cad: Brickhaus, Pops Daniels and lcollins1 took a notch in the L column this week by taking Dionisio Miranda to beat Giovanni Lorenzo. Took less than six minutes for that L.

One Guy Picked Johnathon Banks: It was Upstait.

The Damned Draw: Most of us feel Chris John won a good, competitive fight against Rocky Juarez, but put another in that D column anyway. Of the 25 people that picked a winner in the John-Juarez bout, 19 of us (76%) picked Chris John to win. This was far less a debacle than the gruesome Martinez-Cintron scoring, but draws stink no matter how you slice it.

The Original 9: Myself, Matt, jrok, Zocalo, TXroyal, BabyBull1289, Zocalo, lcollins1 and JasonTryp have been in this baby all three weeks. Matt and jrok remain unbeaten at 8-0-2 with one KO pick each. JasonTryp didn't pick winners in the Friday night card, so he's two fights back now, but still hasn't gotten one wrong. Zocalo and BabyBull are both just one L down, and the other three of us have made a couple bum picks. Two of us picked Matt Vanda over John Duddy (me and TXroyal). That one was so bad I thought I'd bring it up again.

Correct Adamek "KO" Calls: TXroyal, 3zilla, keyz, battle axe of doom

Correct Marquez "KO" Call: BrianBrock -- yep, all of one of us got this one. Nobody got Lorenzo (KO-2) or called the John-Juarez draw.

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