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Lightweight Lightning takes another hit: Casamayor out


Former lightweight champ Joel Casamayor, suffering from a sprained lower back, withdrew Wednesday from his April 4 fight against former titlist Julio Diaz.

"He's not going to be able to fight," manager Luis DeCubas Jr. told "He has a lumbar spine sprain."

It's the second injury to knock out one of the participants on Golden Boy Promotions' four-bout "Lightweight Lightning" pay-per-view card, which will take place at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas. Former junior lightweight titlist Jorge Barrios dropped out a few days ago because of a broken jaw.

DeCubas said Casamayor's back has been bothering him for more than a week.

"He's laid off sparring for a while. His back is real tight," DeCubas said. "He hasn't sparred for about a week and a half. Joel was right on track, but sometimes your body just says no."

DeCubas said Casamayor tried to rest but his back was still giving him problems and his doctor recommended that he lay off for about a month.

Vicente Escobedo has stepped in to replace Barrios against Carlos Hernandez, but now they need another short-notice guy. Casamayor-Diaz was also arguably the best fight on the show, or at least the fight between the two best fighters on the show. Hernandez-Escobedo is no Barrios-Hernandez (which was no great fight to begin with); Diaz-whomever won't be Casamayor-Diaz.

This show started off with great promise and some of the shine has come off, but I'm hoping they find a good replacement and the show is still worth the money.

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