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Roy Jones considering return to 168 to fight Taylor

Roy Jones Jr. beat up Omar Sheika, so of course he's talking about bigger things. The weight, though, would be smaller.

Jones says he'd like to return to 168 pounds to fight Jermain Taylor, and Taylor's promoter Lou DiBella is open to it if Taylor defeats Carl Froch on April 25. For the time being, Jones will probably take another winnable stay-busy fight, perhaps against fellow Floridian Jeff Lacy, who is moving up to 175.

Can Jones comfortably get down to 168 anymore? Probably not. He had some problems getting down to 170 for the Trinidad fight last January. And I don't think 40-year old Roy is seriously considering the 168 thing, either; it's just a good time to float a possible fight with Taylor because it gets folks talking.

And Taylor would dominate Roy because he's younger, fresher, stronger, and, you know, not cooked. Taylor is not Joe Calzaghe, but Roy wasn't even competitive against Calzaghe. Still, Jermain has to get past Froch, which is no guarantee.

It positively stuns me that we've yet to hear the rumors of Hopkins-Jones II, but I guess you have to wonder who exactly would buy it, and promoters at Golden Boy no doubt have that same thought. Bernard and Roy both had rotten PPV buyrate showings late last year and they'd both want (and deserve) to be paid handsomely for a rematch. I just don't know how much interest is left in that fight.

[Quick Note: I've got a bad case of bronchitis going right now, so if updates are a little slow, forgive me.]

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