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Arum says Pavlik-Abraham "is going to happen"

Arthur-abraham18_medium Don't worry any longer. (Well, maybe.) Should Kelly Pavlik beat Sergio Mora and Arthur Abraham beat Vernon Forrest in their likely next fights, the two best middleweights in the world look like they'll hook up late this year:

“I wouldn’t do it on pay per view,” Arum said. “But both networks, HBO and Showtime, have shown enormous interest in that fight. So we believe there’ll be enough money to make it worthwhile.

“Talks are going on right now. It’s going to happen. Kelly has definitely signed off on it, and Abraham wants it too.”

Faaaantastic. I figured it wouldn't happen because it's just not fiscally responsible of the promoters or probably the networks, even, but there's also this: Arum knows there's NO ONE LEFT for Pavlik to fight if he beats TV star Mora. The middleweight division is devoid of stars. Boxing fans know these are the world's two best 160-pounders. Among the diehards, this is one of the most desired fights in the sport.

It all sounds good right now, but keep your fingers crossed. Both guys deserve the fight. The fans deserve the fight. And hopefully both could become bigger stars because of it.

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