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Khan wants Prescott again

The Bolton News reports that Amir Khan wants a rematch with Breidis Prescott, the man that knocked him loopy last year in the first round:

“I won’t make the same mistake again,” Khan said. “I want to fight him again and it is a serious possibility. I have spoken to my promoter Frank Warren about it.”

They really should match up again, because both of their careers are still being defined by those 54 seconds of Prescott pummeling Khan. Prescott's name has gotten bigger than it probably deserves to, and Khan is going to be unable to convince doubters that he's really changed until he does something special.

Now don't get me wrong here, either. I don't think if they rematched and Khan beat Prescott it would be some amazing feat. He's so much more skilled than Prescott that if you ignore a couple important things, Khan should wipe the mat with Breidis. But his horrendous chin and bad head movement are hard to overcome, and it doesn't matter who he trains with. No matter how much confidence Freddie Roach can give him, or how much Roach can improve him from a couple of tactical standpoints, what happens when Prescott lands flush? We saw what happened last time.

Of course, we also haven't seen Prescott have to take anything from Khan. I'll say it again: I really like Amir Khan. He's an offensive dynamo and seems like a nice dude that works hard and really wants it. He's not Audley Harrison, no matter what happens in his career.

But if your chin is bad, your chin is bad, and Khan's is like a too-ripe plum.

It's an interesting fight, though, and Khan would surely like to get a win back from Prescott. Prescott probably has little fear of Khan all things considered, and also is unlikely to get a bigger fight any time soon.

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