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Margarito blames weight, wants rematches with Cotto and Mosley

Plaster_of_paris_bandages Antonio Margarito isn't saying anything about THE FACT THAT THERE WERE PLASTER ELEMENTS FOUND IN HIS ILLEGAL HANDWRAPS, but he would like you to know that he had an off night against Shane Mosley in January, which caused him to lose, mostly due to his inability to keep his weight in check.

He'd also like to reassure you that he's hiring a good nutritionist for his big July comeback, which will surely be a hit, given how much sports fans love cheaters, and how much boxing fans respect guys that attempt to purposely maim other fighters.

He'd also like to fight both Miguel Cotto and Shane Mosley once again. His lawyers are working on overturning that silly one-year ban in California.

So not only is Margarito a chump, a cheater, a jerk and a fraud, but he's also an obnoxious and delusional fool.

Miguel Cotto has decided to just come right out and say he thinks Margarito had loaded gloves when they fought, and that Antonio should be banned for life. Good on him for speaking his mind. I'd say the VAST majority of boxing fans now believe Margarito had loaded wraps against Cotto. I know some hold out hope that it was a legit win, and some are in love with Margarito and gullible enough to buy the load of crap he's been shoveling since January, but most everyone I've read just isn't buying one single shred of it.

Hey, I wonder what Bob Arum's got to say on the subject? Bob? Bob? You there, Bob?

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