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Barrera not mincing words about Amir Khan

Marco Antonio Barrera is more than confident in his chances to beat young Englishman Amir Khan on March 14 in Manchester. He didn't beat around the bush:

I will beat Khan because I have more experience than him and I’m still a much better fighter than he is. Khan is tall and has a good jab and hand speed. He is a good young fighter but there’s nothing he can do between now and March 14 to surpass my skills and experience.

This is becoming the prevalining thought among many of us, I think. Barrera isn't who he used to be,, I don't wanna sound mean, but who the hell is Amir Khan? Really. Even if you like the kid (and I do), why would you pick him to win this fight?

He'd have to be exceptionally heavy-handed (he's not), or an A+ offensively (he's not), or Barrera would have to have a bad beard (he does not). Barrera has never been a huge puncher and isn't now for sure, but Willie Limond can't crack a peanut and put Khan on his behind. Breidis Prescott, who we've twice seen struggle to varying degrees against B- or C+ fighters on Friday Night Fights, knocked him out in one round.

Khan can beat Barrera, sure. He has to overwhelm him with speed, pray that Freddie Roach has improved his defense dramatically, and nail Barrera hard and early. He can do that. But I just don't see it -- Barrera's a better fighter than Khan, even faded. He's not being arrogant, I just think he's speaking the truth. Barrera took this fight because he knows it's a big win for him to knock off a young guy like this, even though we all know Khan's deficiencies.

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