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Pacquiao open to Marquez trilogy

Box_pacquiao_marquez5_580_medium If anyone was waiting for Manny Pacquiao to say something regarding Juan Manuel Marquez's constant badgering about a trilogy between the rivals, he has.

Pacquiao may have a May 2 megafight with Ricky Hatton coming up, and he says he didn't watch Marquez's epic win over Juan Diaz last Saturday, but Manny says he's heard Marquez's comments and that they should meet again to give people a victor between the two fighters.

Sounds great to me. I'd prefer Pacquiao-Marquez III to Pacquiao-Mosley or Pacquiao-Cotto, simply because there's unfinished business there. It's one of our great rivalries and a true winner has not yet been declared.

Also, can someone tell the Hattons already that beating Manny Pacquiao does not make Ricky the pound-for-pound best fighter? It doesn't work that way.

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