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Arum calls Hatton fat

V14_medium The near-myth of Ricky Hatton's binge drinking and eating between fights that puts him grossly out of shape continues. Bob Arum says Hatton looks like he weighs "about 165 pounds," while May 2 opponent Manny Pacquiao is already trim at 150 or so.

Arum also notes the wonderful success that was the Hatton-Pacquiao media tour in England, and how excellently Pacquiao was treated during the trip.

Hatton being at 165 pounds two months out seems like no major concern to me. That's actually about what I'd expect given his history of having to crash down near fight week. There's no question Pacquiao will be the more physically well-conditioned of the two, but Hatton has always shown great stamina. He is truly one of a kind in how he trains. Or doesn't really train that hard. It has yet to hinder him. Someday it probably will, but at 30, I just don't think it's about to catch up to him.

Hatton isn't the old 30 he's sometimes made out to be either. Yeah Erik Morales collapsed around the same age, but Erik Morales took a lot more punishment over the years than Ricky has. Ricky has only been beaten up by Mayweather, really, and it wasn't exactly a war. I don't see Hatton giving it up any time soon; with the Mayweather loss, he doesn't have an "0" to protect like it's his baby, and he's a fighter. He'll talk about it, but he's not going to do it. There'll always be a fight for him.

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