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Barrios pulls out of Lightweight Lightning PPV

Rick Reeno of reported earlier that Jorge Barrios has suffered an injury and training and is out of his fight with Carlos Hernandez on the April 4 Lightweight Lightning pay-per-view. No replacement has been announced at this time.

It's pretty short term to find a good replacement, but there are guys out there. It depends on who's in shape, not that the faded Hernandez is the most dangerous opponent in the world. Jose Armando Santa Cruz, even coming off a loss, could fit the bill. If David Diaz is close to ring shape he could work out. If Golden Boy could get an option or two on Breidis Prescott he might be worth throwing in there, as he just fought a couple weeks ago and is scheduled to fight on April 3 anyway. Ali Funeka springs to mind, too, but there's the question of whether or not he's ready after at tough fight with Campbell on 2/14 and the fact that he went back to South Africa and got a bunch of guff for not "clearing" his U.S. fight with the crooked boxing commission over there. (Most boxing commissions are crooked.)

Barrios' injury is to his eardrum, for the record, which would certainly not be wise to fight through.

Still a good-looking card though, with Valero-Pitalua, Katsidis-Chavez and Casamayor-Diaz.

UPDATE from Dan Rafael's Saturday night chat:

Dan Rafael: (12:31 AM ET ) This is not true. I spoke to Golden Boy today about that exact issue. Barrios does have an ear injury but he is supposed to see a doctor on Monday before a decision is made.

So when Barrios pulls out on Monday for sure, it'll be official.

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