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Cue the Drums: Hatton-Pacquiao coming to 24/7

It's that time again. We're three weeks out from what likely will be the biggest boxing event of 2009, and HBO's 24/7 cameras will be there to document the lead-up to Ricky Hatton versus Manny Pacquiao.

If you're like me, the 24/7 theme gets stuck in your head. You even went everywhere in the world online to try and find a clean MP3 of it. It might be your ringtone.

I'm looking for Floyd Sr. to spice this series up after the rather dull back-to-back 24/7s that were Calzaghe-Jones (a complete bore, really) and Oscar-Manny (Oscar's fakeness rang out like a church bell all over the show). Hatton is entertaining, Floyd is entertaining, Manny is entertaining, and Freddie's entertaining. The main four are all good. They're no Roger, but who is?

24/7 debuts tonight at 9:30 ET, just before the Williams-Wright fight. And don't forget about Thrilla in Manila at 8pm. It's a good night to be a boxing fan.

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