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Global Supremacy Open Thread

Klassenmalcolm080829posinggbg_medium I don't believe we're expecting any round by round coverage of tonight's pay per view (although if I end up buying it, I'll provide coverage just for fun). 

Earlier today, Peter Manfredo KO'd Walid Smichet in the 7th round with what sounded like a highlight reel body shot KO.  On the same card, Ali Cheebah, who's been described as a "French Amir Khan", made short work of Joel Juarez, TKOing him in the second. 

Elsewhere, Malcolm Klassen captured a belt for the second time, beating Cassius Baloyi.  The IBF Super Featherweight Belt has stayed in South Africa for over three years now, going back and forth between Klassen, Baloyi, Mzonke Fana and Gairy St. Clair.

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