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Rumor Mill: Adamek vs. Jones, Caballero vs. Gamboa, Calderon vs. Viloria

Here's a few rumors that have been floating around the internets:

  • If Celestino Caballero wins his next defense against Jeffrey Mathepula, there's a good chance he may face Yuriorkis Gamboa at 126, Boxingtalk reports.  This could be a dynamic fight, but it would be a huge risk for both guys.  If they make the fight, major props go out to both Seminole Warriors and Arena Box for putting their prime fighters in harm's way.  Caballero would be facing the biggest and fastest opponent of his career, while Gamboa would be facing by far the best (and possibly the most powerful) opponent of his career. 
  • Hat tip to Sickle: According to Primera Hora (link in Spanish), there are discussions for Ivan Calderon and Brian Viloria to unify at 108. This has the potential to be interesting if the Brian Viloria we saw the other night was the new and improved Brian Viloria.  Calderon is clearly starting to fade and lose some of his quickness, and Viloria seems to be more aggressive than ever.  While any version of Calderon outboxes Viloria, you'd have to think that Viloria has a solid puncher's chance if he can be as aggressive as he was against Solis.
  •  According to Wirtualna Polska (link in Polish), Tomasz Adamek and Roy Jones Jr. have basically agreed to fight each other, but the lack of a TV network that would want to air the fight is getting in the way.  HBO did express some interest, but they don't want to compete with UFC on July 11, and they've reserved July 18 for the possible Floyd Mayweather Jr. comeback fight. 
  • Per Eastside Boxing's Per Ake Persson, there won't be a battle of the Sashas between Sasha Povetkin and Sasha Dimitrenko.  They were the mandatories for the EBU title, which Povetkin doesn't really need since he's Wladimir Klitschko's mandatory.  The next highest challenger is Martin Rogan.  I like a Rogan-Dimitrenko fight, and the winner will be a legitimate contender.  Dimitrenko's never faced someone as rugged and dedicated as Rogan, and Rogan's never faced anyone as skilled as Dimitrenko.  Hopefully the money's there to make this one happen.  The top guys in this division really need to start fighting the other top guys.
  • Not major news, but shout out to the State of Alabama, which is setting up a boxing commission.  This is a step in the right direction, although it's kind of sad that they needed hometown boy Deontay Wilder to push them to set one up.

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