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Miguel and Evangelista Cotto reach boiling point, ugly altercation ensues

Box_evangelista_300_medium The long-known, often-discussed rocky relationship between Miguel Cotto and his trainer/uncle Evangelista reached its boiling point during training camp in Puerto Rico, and it would seem that there's no other way at this point but for the two of them to end their working relationship.

According to Primera Hora (by way of the Cottos had a nasty verbal dispute in the gym, which led to Evangelista attacking Miguel, who defended himself by throwing punches back. Miguel left the gym and returned to his apartment, but the tensions didn't end there.

Evangelista reportedly followed Miguel home and threw a cement block at the fighter. It missed Miguel but went through the window of his new Jaguar, said the police. During the scuffling, Miguel suffered a cut on the bridge of his nose.

Miguel and Evangelista were in camp preparing to fight Joshua Clottey on June 13. There is nothing about this that's good, but strictly from a professional standpoint it's certainly bad for Cotto that he likely will need to find a new trainer for a big, tough fight that's just nine weeks away.

These two have had their disagreements and their turbulences over the years, but this is clearly over the line for any trainer/fighter pairing, let alone a family situation. Here's hoping the two can resolve their differences, but even if they do it's probably better that they stop working together.

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