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Hatton and Mayweather get through "rift" in camp

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Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather Sr. may not be getting on quite as well as previously believed. (AP photo)
Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather Sr. may not be getting on quite as well as previously believed. (AP photo)

The timing really couldn't be worse, but some chinks are showing up in the armor of Team Hatton.

From BBC Sport:

Mayweather admits problems have overshawdowed the preparations.

"Was there a problem (in the camp)? Yes. I saw a problem and addressed it. Nobody is jerking me around," he said.


"It doesn't mean a camp is not a good camp because there are problems," he said. "It doesn't mean you've had a bad camp. I think he had a good camp.

"It was a problem that could be addressed and taken care of without being in the media. We straightened it out."

When asked if there was a clash between himself and Hatton's assistant trainer Lee Beard, Mayweather said: "Why wouldn't Lee and I be friends? Why would you pick Lee out of everybody?

"There are a lot of people there (in camp), not just me and Lee. But you could be on the right track.

"I'm a no-nonsense trainer. We have a very clear understanding. I respect them and I want them to do the same with me."

GMA News in the Philippines is saying that Hatton is having trouble making weight:

Alex Ariza, Pacquiao’s conditioning coach, believes the 30-year old boxer from Manchester, England has yet to comfortably meet the 140-pound limit based on the road work Hatton was still doing Thursday at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas campus.

Ariza talked to one of the strength and conditioning coach who was around when Hatton jogged around the campus oval. “My source saw them running out in the sun, so probably he’s still struggling to make weight."


Ariza’s revelation came in the heels of the alleged rift between Hatton and Mayweather Sr. Hatton reportedly felt miserable working out under the outspoken Mayweather Sr., whose practice of coming late in training doesn’t sit well with the two-time world champion.

Mayweather Sr., hired by Hatton last year to replace long-time trainer Billy Graham, didn’t deny the matter, but stressed out that everything else had been settled with Hatton.

I wouldn't really take a whole lot from this. Hatton crashes to 140 every single time. He never comfortably makes weight.

As for the rift between Hatton and Floyd, I tend to agree with folks who say it's natural for something like that to happen. Floyd and the more senior members of Ricky's team are probably still getting accustomed to each other, and frankly even though we know Mayweather shows up late for training sometimes and "24/7" even made light of that fact, he's not lying when he says he's a no-nonsense trainer. He's exceptionally hard-nosed. We're talking about the one trainer in recent years that's seemed to be able to get Oscar de la Hoya to remember he's a guy who can still do things wrong in the ring.

For instance: There's a story in the BBC article linked above about Mayweather popping Hatton in the head with his mitts if he isn't pleased with how Ricky is moving his head. Do you think that happened under Billy Graham?

Bottom line: I wouldn't much worry about anything. Mayweather, despite all his goofiness, is a professional.

UPDATE: More here from Kevin Iole:

Roach’s agent, Nick Khan, had heard of rumors of discontent between Hatton and his trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr. In a telephone conversation with Schaefer, Khan suggested that Roach would be interested in training Hatton.

“Richard [Schaefer] and I were speaking on the phone, though I’m not sure who called who, and I told him how much respect Freddie has for Ricky,” said Khan, who is Pacquiao’s former co-manager. “I suggested that after Manny defeats Ricky on Saturday, which is Freddie’s priority, that we sit down and discuss the possibility of Freddie getting together and working with Ricky.”

A source close to Roach said Schaefer had indicated that Hatton was miserable with Mayweather and was unhappy that Mayweather had arrived late for several workouts.

Schaefer adamantly denied telling anyone he knew of problems between Hatton and Mayweather and said Thursday he was surprised to hear of it from a reporter.

That's a little more serious-sounding, but at the same time it also sounds like Khan is trying to stir the pot on behalf of Roach and Team Pacquiao.

Note: If you want to make your Hatton-Pacquiao picks for our ongoing picks competition thing, that post is here. It's been madness keeping up with all the news the last few days, but we're doing our best, and that means stuff gets bumped faster than normal.