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Hatton and Pacquiao make weight: 24 hours to go

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Manny Pacquiao came in at 138 pounds and Ricky Hatton made the junior welterweight limit of 140 on the nose for tomorrow night's bout. The weigh-in took place in front of about 4,500 screaming fans in Las Vegas.

The atmosphere tomorrow is going to be crazy.

Oscar de la Hoya had this to say:

"When you have the Brits come over for Hatton, this is by far the biggest and best crowd I've ever seen," promoter Oscar de la Hoya said of the turnout. "I'm glad I retired so I can go have a pint."

Afterward, Oscar was heard to ask, "Anyone here from THE PHILIPPINES?!" He also shouted, "Hello, Las Vegas!"

Humberto Soto (130) and Benoit Gaudet (129) were both on weight for the main undercard bout.