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Russell Brand writes of his experience at Hatton-Pacquiao

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Russell Brand (right) and an excuse to post a photo of Kristen Bell.
Russell Brand (right) and an excuse to post a photo of Kristen Bell.

British comedian Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and sadly, Bedtime Stories) recounted his experience of attending Hatton-Pacquiao:

When contemplating attending a boxing match, I did not consider the shame and fear in the eyes of the defeated. Had I done so I would not have gone.

Of course I know that I dislike violence but I imagined that I’d be more of the mind that boxing provides opportunity and discipline for young men that would otherwise be forced into careers as rat-catchers and rent boys. But as I watched an undercard bout at the MGM Grand before Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao took to the ring I saw in the eyes of the lad on the ropes an identifiable dread.

The emotion that I’d feel if I found myself in a glittery, over-lit cavern, swirling moths lost in the abyss, greased and sweating whilst highly calibrated blows lanced my consciousness? Dread. A dread that would be exacerbated further if, through the headache being pummelled in from without, I glanced down to see I was wearing awful satin trunks.

It's pretty fun stuff, and mildly poignant, if that's your thing.