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Winky Wright wants two more fights this year

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Speaking with's Luis Sandoval, former 154-pound champion Winky Wright says he's looking at an August return to the ring, and then another fight late in the year, in November or December.

Wright (51-5-1, 25 KO) is clearly not going to take another 20-month layoff from action as he did after his summer 2007 loss to Bernard Hopkins. Wright returned in April, losing a wide unanimous decision at middleweight to Paul Williams.

The 37-year old Wright says of that fight, "Williams is a tough dude. Long, tall, and awkward. But I can't take nothing away from him. He came in and did what he had to do."

It continues the classy taking of the defeat by Wright, who has complained about a few decisions in his day. He also says he plans to stay at 160 pounds. His only fight above that weight came in his 170-pound catchweight loss to Hopkins.

There's no mention of possible opponent, but under the right circumstances Wright could find himself against anyone in the division, including middleweight champ Kelly Pavlik or universally regarded top contender Arthur Abraham. Neither fight is likely (Pavlik and Abraham say they want to fight each other in November), and Wright is probably looking for a softer touch in his August return, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him take a top contender. He's never been one to duck out of anything. There aren't many in the boxing world that would take 20 months off and face a difficult task like Williams, after all.