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Odds and Ends - Tuesday Edition

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Rojas could cause Aoh some serious trouble.  via <a href=""></a>
Rojas could cause Aoh some serious trouble. via
  • Rafael Marquez says he wants to face Israel Vasquez for a fourth time in November.  If he can't get Vasquez, then he wants Juan Manuel Lopez.  If he does face Vasquez, it would likely be at featherweight.  I can't be the only one who sees some kind of disaster at the end of all of this.  While Marquez is a warrior, The Trilogy has to have taken a lot out of both he and Vasquez.  If there's a fourth fight, I imagine that both fighters would look severely faded from the third, and facing someone fresh like Juanma could lead to a destruction.  Hopefully Marquez will answer some questions about whether he's faded when he comes back next weekend.
  • According to Universum Promotions (link in German), Eddie Chambers will face Alexander Dimitrenko on July 4th in Hamburg, Germany.  While a true American heavyweight contender might be a good Independence Day gift, I can't say I fancy Chambers' chances in this one.  Dimitrenko is a huge fighter who uses his size well, and Chambers doesn't have the power to knock Sascha out.  Since the fight is in Germany and Universum is the promoter, Chambers would likely need to win a blowout or knock his opponent out to get the victory.  On the bright side, this fight will create a true #1 heavyweight contender, as Dimitrenko is ranked #1 and #2 by two of the sanctioning bodies, and Chambers is ranked #3 by the two others.
  • After getting shafted by Yuriorkis Gamboa, Elio Rojas will get his title shot against Takahiro Aoh on June 14 in Tokyo.  Hozumi Hasegawa and Roman Gonzalez will also be defending their titles on what looks to be a fairly loaded card.
  • Speaking of Gamboa, out of the guys who will be in Fight Night Round 4, does he have the highest potential of being that guy who, a few years from now, we say "how the hell did he get into that game?"  Vicente Escobedo's been living off his FNR3 royalties for the last few years.  Evidently, EA is trying to corner the Finnish market by including Amin Asikainen.
  • You think they like Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines?  On Manny Pacquiao Appreciation Day, the President named Pacquiao "Ambassador for Peace and Understanding", and the Justice Minister named him "Special Assistant on Intelligence Matters."  I don't care if these are honorary positions - I want to see Manny Pacquiao become a modern day Moe Berg, or at least Leon Theramin.  He's so good that he can beat the crap out of his opponent in the ring and gather intelligence on the crowd at the same time.