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Roy Jones Jr.-Jeff Lacy "close"

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Jeff Lacy says he's close to landing a co-promoted fight with Roy Jones Jr.
Jeff Lacy says he's close to landing a co-promoted fight with Roy Jones Jr.

The Tampa Tribune reports that a fight between Floridians Roy Jones Jr. and Jeff Lacy is "close":

Jeff Lacy may only be days away from brokering his first major fight under his newly formed Left Hook Promotions.

The St. Petersburg native and former IBF super middleweight champion said Saturday he is nearing a deal to fight Pensacola's Roy Jones Jr. According to Lacy, that fight will likely take place in August and is "90 percent done."

"I think we're a couple days away," Lacy said. "Probably by Monday or Tuesday we'll have everything settled and tacked down."

The two would be co-promoters, obviously, and I suppose they'd try to go independent pay-per-view, since neither Showtime nor HBO is going to have any interest in a fight between two washed-up non-draws, especially given Roy's history for pricing himself a little too high.

If Jones could accept his standing and maybe take a pay cut, Jones-Lacy would be an interesting fight for ESPN2 or Versus. They'd have to price it affordably (read: they'd have to price it like it deserves to be), but that of course would be crazy.

Instead they'll both probably wind up losing money on a fight nobody much cares about. They might be able to do a decent gate in Florida, but they likely won't make enough to cover a PPV where they'd also have to pay other fighters.