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Golden Boy source calls alleged Hatton camp problem "mind games"

(AFP Photo)
(AFP Photo)

David A. Avila of The Sweet Science has this:

"Whenever there is a big fight you hear these kind of things that come from the other camp," said a Golden Boy insider who attended many of the training sessions but did not want to be named. "It’s someone trying to start something and get into the other camp’s head. It’s mind games."


"I think it is an attempt to stir up something," said the Golden Boy source who is familiar with Roach, Mayweather and Khan. "One thing I know is that Richard Schaefer would never say something like we’re looking for a trainer for this person or that person. It’s always up to the fighter, not up to the promoter."

It's one of the things that crossed my mind, but the Hatton-Mayweather pairing is of such an odd couple nature that believing the two are not getting along fully isn't a huge stretch.

But we've also already discussed the fact that this just isn't a really big deal. It's just not. Even if there was an actual rift, it's not like Mayweather or Hatton are about to sabotage each other in the fight. They're here to win.