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Freddie Roach talks Cotto, Mosley, and Khan-Hatton

In a recent interview with Freddie Roach at Broadcast Boxing, the superstar trainer has revealed some of his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao taking on Miguel Cotto or Shane Mosley, and his thoughts on a potential clash between Amir Khan and Ricky Hatton.

Of Cotto and Mosley, Roach is adamant that Manny won't fight either of them at welterweight. Frankly, I'm not entirely sure why in the case of Cotto, who is barely bigger than Pacquiao at all. The two have the same reach (67") and Cotto is but a half-inch taller than Pacquiao (5'7" to 5'6 1/2"). This idea that Cotto is a bigger man than Manny just isn't really true. The 5'9" Mosley, who sports a 74" reach, would be a major task for Pacquiao, but Cotto beat Mosley in November 2007.

There just isn't a real physical mismatch in a potential Pacquiao-Cotto fight. Pacquiao has huge legs for a boxer, which helps him carry the weight well, and frankly speaking, he's probably peaking around the divisions he's fought in recently (lightweight to welterweight). He's not really a flyweight; he's a guy who fought at flyweight. That argument is really old hat. "Well he fought at 112" -- it simply doesn't matter anymore. I'm now more amazed that he was a flyweight champion than I am that he is the junior welterweight champion. He's gotten better as he's moved up.

Roach knows there's absolutely no way that Mosley could make 142 pounds, and Shane has even said as much. It's also doubtful that Cotto could do it and be healthy given the fact that he's looked much sturdier at 147 than he did draining so hard to make 140.

Roach also talks about a potential clash between his newest "fix-'er-up" project with great natural skills, Amir Khan, and fellow Englishman Ricky Hatton. Roach obviously knows Hatton inside and out from film study already, and I think a lot of people would agree that Khan -- who goes up in weight to 140 on June 27 against Andriy Kotelnik in anything but an easy fight -- physically would be too much for Hatton. Khan was a huge lightweight at 5'10" and he'll be big at 140, too. He'd be big at 147. Given his speed, power, and potential chance to hold range so well, he might really tear Hatton up. The "Hitman" would be hard pressed to get inside on the glass-chinned Khan, though if he does all bets are off.

I like any of these fights, and I like the two discussed Pacquiao fights being straight up welterweight bouts. I genuinely don't believe Miguel Cotto poses any serious risk to Pacquiao besides the fact that he's very good and would surely have a fine shot at beating him. What I'm saying is it's not one of those, "Oh man, that guy could get hurt" ideas. It really just makes sense.

Hatton-Khan would do huge business in the U.K., but I agree with Roach's assessment that it could be an Oscar de la Hoya-Julio Cesar Chavez situation, a young guy beating up the old hero. Roach doesn't go so far into it, but it also would mean that no matter what he did after, I don't think Khan beating up an "old" Ricky Hatton would sit well with British fans, ever, the same as Oscar twice wailing on Chavez just never quite sat well for a lot of Mexican fans.